We worked with Redglass Pictures to cast two of the four spots for Hewlett Packard’s History of Memory, winner of the Tribeca X 2019 award for Episodic Series.

CLIENT: Redglass Pictures

Cast Diabetes patients to feature in an unbranded spot for Architectural Digest.

CLIENT: Snapdragon Films

Cast people with Diabetes for an unbranded spot for Condé Nast Traveler.

CLIENT: Snapdragon Films

Public Service Announcement sponsored by the Brazilian insurance company, DPVAT to promote World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims & Survivors.

CLIENT: The Youth (

We worked with filmmaker, Yoruba Richen to cast Andra Day teen lookalikes for this mini-doc on the singer that was sponsored by Coca-Cola and McDonald's.

CLIENT: Promised Land Films

These four spots profile individuals whose lives were affected by cancer. More videos can be viewed at, the transmedia site created in support of the PBS documentary, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, which was produced by Ken Burns and WETA.

Angelo Merendino talks about how he used photography to process his wife’s battle with cancer.

CLIENT: Redglass Pictures

Dora Arias talks about how her experience with cancer led to her work with cancer patients who may face other obstacles, like language and lack of insurance coverage.

CLIENT: Redglass Pictures

Jerrica Santiago describes life as a teen livng with cancer.

CLIENT: Redglass Pictures

Jeannie Joseph talks about her life as a cancer survivor.

CLIENT: Redglass Pictures

We cast this corporate video for Mercer in which people discuss about the issues that affect them in the work place.

CLIENT: Redglass Pictures

The following spots were cast as a freelancer at GENUINE: The Real People Company...

Smash Therapy in Spring was one of three small businesses throughout the country to be selected for a Head and Shoulders ad to be shown during the Super Bowl.

Cast up-and-comer director Anthony Prince to work with award-winning director and influencer Alfredo Flores for Samsung’s /make series.

AT&T predicted the future. But how did they know? 25 years ago, AT&T shared their vision for the future in a series of TV ads called "You Will". Interviewed futurists from all over the world to learn their predictions of what life will be like in 2045.

Interviewed more than 200 real people, experts, influencers and notables during the course of Microsoft’s mutil-year campaign for Surface and Windows.

Cast NFL players and employees for a seasonal spot for Microsoft Surface.

Dove and Cartoon Network worked together to use the power of cartoons to help girls build self-esteem. I auditioned real teens and pre-teens in NYC for this project.

60+ first time moms in LA and Denver were interviewed in order to cast this spot for Baby Dove.  

Along the way, we met women like Cassidy, who is raising her son on a cattle ranch and Elise, who brings her daughter to breakdance battles! We were touched and inspired while talking to moms from around the country who shared their stories with us.

#RealChampions spot for Champion clothing features Clair Marie, who was one of the youngest base jumpers, and also happens to be female. 

Director: Michael Clarke

#RealChampions spot for Champion clothing featuring John Lewis. 

Director: Michael Clarke

A day in the life of Wildlife Photographer, Paul Nicklen for American Express.